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Introduction ;
Welcome to purposeicons, icons by bunbury_ and fadedpresence. Feel free to browse and be sure to follow all of the rules when using any graphics posted.

o1: Credit; Please credit in keywords when using an icon. When using an icon made by Elizabeth, always credit bunbury_. <--Remember the underscore! When using an icon by Britt please credit fadedpresence! Don't credit PURPOSEICONS anymore.

o2. Comment; Be sure to comment with what icons you are taking and where you are using them. If you wish to use an icon outside of livejournal, be sure to ask permission first. This even counts for greatestjournal. It most likely will not be a big deal, just be sure to ask!

o3. No Hotlinking; Just don't do it. We pay for our own space and bandwidth priveleges, so we ask that you upload everything you use of ours to your own servers if you are sharing them.

o4. No Customizing; Unless you are told otherwise, do not customize any of the icons or graphics that we post. This is a biggie with textless icons. They are not bases, and just because they don't have text does not mean we don't spend time on them. Just don't edit at all, k?

o5. Requests; Please don't flood us with requests. bunbury_ will do requests if you ask for a subject she likes if you ask nicely and only if she has the time.

+Affiliates Please visit and comment if you wish to affiliate.

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